Monday, April 23, 2012

Fan Emails - "Gripping" "Nightmares" "Disturbing

Well these emails were unexpected and I had to put in a disclaimer to NOT read if you have unresolved personal problems or mental health issues.  Have also received mail that people have been unable to get the story out of their mind.... wow- so unexpected to hear all the various views- Extreme reviews and one lady was so disturbed she emailed and said she had PTSD from something that happened in her life.

Go figure- 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


David met Lisa at a party and the relationship began almost immediately.  They often bickered and the fights escalated to wicked heights and ended in passion. He knew from the start that the relationship was destined and their lives would be intertwined.  She was strong and knew what she wanted out of life.  She was unlike anyone he had ever met and he could relate to on several levels.  He craved her attention and was willing to do anything to keep her in his life.  He was quickly caught in her web and her scheming plans had taken a turn to the dark side.  Her lust for power had taken her into a demonic realm that threatened her sanity. 


The look she gave him was pure malice. She was deeply angered by the news but kept her temper. Rather than say anything she picked up her purse and walked out of the office.  David followed along behind her and when he reached her he grabbed her arm.  Lisa spun around to face him.
“Let go of me.  You have no intention of helping me and I don’t need any bullshit from you”.
David could smell her perfume and the thought of losing her made him feel sick. The blood had drained out of his face and he shut his eyes for a moment.


As though aware of what he was thinking, she turned for a moment, and smiled at him.  Her smile aroused him and try as he might he could not say no to her.  It was no secret that she ran his life.  What man could say no to someone like Lisa?  She reminded him of a snake, beautiful with shimmering skin and piercing eyes.  She was intelligent, with all the cunning of a politician, and with her good looks she could seduce the devil himself. 

She had finished talking to Margie and strode across the room towards him.  The clingy material of her dress flowed nicely over her curves and she raised her hand to run her fingers through her hair. As she did so her breasts were slightly visible from the sides. She was aware of the effect when she wore this type of dress and it was part of her seduction.