Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Power Of The Heart

When something is broken people typically discard it.  The God, Elroi, did not see Ivy as others saw her for He looked on the substance of her heart.  He would use her to great ends because of her brokenness and she would wield great power in His use. 

Order From Chaos

The landscape varied from lush forests to dry, dusty expanses of ruin. At first glance, things appeared desolate but beneath the surface were thriving villages. The underworld provided safety and time for people to hone the skills they required to survive in this changed world. It was not like I had imagined it would be and people who survived wanted revenge. Lives had been forever altered, families destroyed and survivors became vigilantes. They manage to survive by pooling resources and refusing to give up. Order was created from chaos with the appearance of the halflings who could fade into the background and move freely above ground. The people who were part otherworld and part man were taking small groups across the barren land to the mountains. From there they journeyed through the other realm and were then free to choose their own destinies.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The impossible dream....

So it is with my journey here on earth.   I often dream the impossible dream.  Could that sliver of time, that chance meeting, ever lead to an eternity with her?  I follow her through deserted lands, ruins and the shadows of the dark world.  She is chosen and many would see her dead and out of the way.  Hungry creatures would tear her flesh from her bones and devour all that she stands for in this forsaken place.  The odds were turned in her favor, for the treasure that was now in her possession, would provide great power when she most needed it.
The screams came from the distance- and were chilling.  “Oh God.-Someone help me”.   The sounds of wicked laughter echoed and the air was charged with a sense of doom.

She heard the sounds from far off and came to help him.  She recognized Tyler’s voice.  How could she ever forget that day?

Tyler looked at her with a sense of both shame and wonder.  There was something beautiful in her eyes.  She had a look of radiance and compassion, and yet, great strength.

What had happened to the girl he knew a few years ago?  His eyes felt the hot sting of tears behind them and he felt remorse for what he had done.  He met her gaze and felt a desire to take her in his arms and hold her.                 “I’m so sorry for what happened”.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The magnitude of his gift was beyond understanding...

No one could know the magnitude of the gift he had given her. The white horses belonged to the immortals. The animal was a part of his soul, his way back home and his closest friend. The night he gave his precious gift was a turning point in his existence. There was no where to go but through the darkness. She didn't know it, but she held part of his very soul for the animal was tied to him. The sacrifice was great but his love for her was greater still. He would give his very life for her if it was required. She had held his heart for eternity and she had forgotten what had been.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Moon Draws Us...

The moon is full and its translucent light bathes the landscape.  I have spent many nights under moons, just like this one, with my wife.  I can almost hear her soft laughter and playful tone.  Her face is everywhere, and I feel I am going mad, with grief.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you ever wonder "What If" ?

People always tell me about the shoulda, coulda, woulda, things they wish they had done. What if we did tue things we dreamed about? Would we be happier, wealthier or more fulfilled? That's an interesting question and one many of us wonder about. *If* we had made our feelings known would we be living happily ever after with our soulmate? *If* we had taken that job when it came up would we be doing better? *If* we had gone one to a degree or higher degree would we be happier? *If* we had only tole her (or him) we lived them one last time would the outcome have been different? Its tricky, this thing called life. If we all had crystal balls we would all be happy, rich and successful. I dont buy that. What if we lived each day like it was our last and made every moment count? Life has a way of rectifying mistakes if only w press forward. If only we would do today what we have put off for tomorrow.... Happy Saturday! - Michele

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Writing!

Made it through another work week! Woo hoo for those of us who work an write on weekends! It was an interesting week and I met a couple cool people in the course if social work. They are quirky and gave me some awesome character ideas.... Writing is all about getting into the head of each character and figuring them out. When I'm writing a story I take myself into the life of the character.... I dream up a life for them, friends, family, hopes and dreams. What is it that makes them tick? Why do they murder? How do they love? Why are they the way they are? We all have unique perspectives and it's fun putting it all together.... Feeling deeply and thinking outside the box... Have a chill night all! Signing off for now... 7000 words today, 2 murders and some amazing magic- I'm exhausted living a second life ;) - Michele

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Working a "real" job and book writing?

Ok, so I am at work at my job as a Social Worker and receive not one but Two emails from publishig houses! I am taking my 15 minute break to write this. I know it's lame but I thought it was very cool so what the heck? For those of you struggling to work full time, pay the bills and write there is hope! At the end of a very long and dusty tunnel a light appears... "maybe" the 25 hours each weekend sitting at my dining room table typing will pay off? They want to see part two, which I think, is my best work... Have a chill day all of you in blog land. - Michele :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We all would do great things-

Everyone I meet has aspirations and dreams... We are only limited to what we can do by our imagination. When I was younger people said I was a "dreamer" and I would blow them off. "Who cares", I would think and I would go right on doing what I wanted to do. Made my fair share of mistakes but in the end it was all worth it.... Reaching for your dreams, no matter how big, is so worth it... You won't ever regret things you tried in life but you will regret things you were too afraid to try... Who cares what the critics think? You go for it and you may be surrogate how many goals you actually accomplish...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It all begins in your mind....

Haha, this is really a new thing but something I have always wanted to do. There are so many people to write about and so many awesome stories to tell.! Everyone has a story to tell and mixing real people with paranormal, fantasy an romance, well, could it get any better than that? I grew up in a crazy family (don't many of us?) and somehow survived it all lol. Put myself through College and graduate school and studied people. I wanted to know what made them tick and why they did the looney things that they did. Learned a lot about myself in the process and I hope I have helped few people along the way.... Writing has been my passion since I was a kid but I never really persued it because I had responsibilities and needed a "real" job ;) Counseling and social services has paid the bills (for the most part but I have not gotten rich lol) but there is so much more I want to do. There are stories to get out there and tell about sinkage awesome people I have met along the way..... Paranormal? Call me crazy but I have had numerous experiences with the paranormal. People who I loved who died have visited me (ghosts! Yes, it's true) and I have longed to be with someone I loved deeply but had died. Passion beyond the veil of death.... Love never dies but lives on... I am a romantic at heart and love it when life is good for people. We all want to do great things, be someone extraordinary and succeed. When you read a book you can escape and be whomever you want. I always loved horse for the same reason. On a horse you could fly on the wind and leave it all behind. There is something magical about fantasy and I don't mean just the things the characters do..... It takes you to places you have never been Nd let's you dream big dreams....