Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Writing!

Made it through another work week! Woo hoo for those of us who work an write on weekends! It was an interesting week and I met a couple cool people in the course if social work. They are quirky and gave me some awesome character ideas.... Writing is all about getting into the head of each character and figuring them out. When I'm writing a story I take myself into the life of the character.... I dream up a life for them, friends, family, hopes and dreams. What is it that makes them tick? Why do they murder? How do they love? Why are they the way they are? We all have unique perspectives and it's fun putting it all together.... Feeling deeply and thinking outside the box... Have a chill night all! Signing off for now... 7000 words today, 2 murders and some amazing magic- I'm exhausted living a second life ;) - Michele

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