Friday, June 8, 2012

Underworld- Book 2 of the Dark Passage Series to be released soon

Peel back what we know as reality and there is an unseen world that is just waiting for you to enter. The way through the veil has been closed for many centuries but the terrors of war have unleashed great evil and the two worlds are merging. There are a chosen few who will walk the way of the dead and discover the secrets that are hidden deep within.

Weapons of mass destruction are unleashed on society as world leaders face off to establish a one world government. Ivy & Jen are forewarned of the events to come and are hidden away in an underground bunker when chaos erupts. While they wait for word of when they are to come out of hiding, they explore the ancient caverns below the old house. They stumble upon the Book Of Prophesy they learn that they are to embark on a journey through the underworld to find the hidden location of the Tree Of Life that holds the secret of releasing the world from the evil that has overtaken it. In the process of finding the tree they discover the terrible secrets of the underworld. Nothing is as it seems, and they must find the answers or risk eternity on the Darkside; beyond the veil of humanity. One of the girls learns she has a powerful connection to this realm and faces the decision of embracing her humanity or accepting her rightful place in this world.

A cover is being comissioned and details are being finalized....

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